Welded And Drilled Straight Center Link 7/8 Inch Holes With Puller PPE Diesel


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Boasting a big 7/8 inch bolt (stock is 9/16 inch), this precision machined 304 stainless steel Center Link is designed to work with >PPEs Race Pitman Arm and Race Idler Arm.
The extra strength and straight design naturally eliminate the Center Link related toe-in and toe-out problems that occur when racing or pulling. It adds rigidity and control from the steering wheel to the tires.Features:

Center Link (Welded and Drilled) With Puller (158016000)
Big 7/8 inch bolt size for added strength
304 Stainless steel
Sold Individually


2001-2010 GM Full Size Trucks, SUVs, and H2 Hummers


Weight 20 lbs


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