Water To Air Intercooler 3 Inch PPE Diesel


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>PPEs Water-To-Air Intercooler offers significantly lower pressure-drop over traditional intercoolers. Increased air flow is achieved with a large internal core for increased heat transfer and reduced restriction. Designed for use with high-CFM turbos and superchargers.
Featuring Aluminium construction, welded 1/2 inch NPT inlet/outlet and a compact design, >PPEs Water-To-Air Intercooler saves space in your build and increases output efficiency.Features:

Performance Water-To-Air Intercooler – 3 Inch Duct (415040300)
Perfect for sled pulling, drag racing and marine
Compact design
1/2 inch NPT water inlet/outlet
Aluminium construction
Available in 3 inch and 3.5 inch air inlet/outlet
Sold Individually


Weight 17 lbs


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