Transmission Dipstick / Oil Fill Tube, 1989-2010 Ford Powerstroke with E4OD, 4R100, 5R110 Transmission ATS Diesel Performance


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The factory dipstick/oil fill tube on the early Ford HD Transmissions are a press in type that depend on a Teflon coating to seal and keep the transmission fluid in. Often times the Teflon coating does not seal entirely and results in a fluid leak. ATS made this two piece tube that utilizes oil resistant o-ring seals that will insure a leak free seal.
Our product also allows for a simple removal that allows you to remove the lower part of the dipstick/oil fill tube from the transmission case while the transmission is installed. Replacing the factory tube requires removing the transmission, the ATS repair tube does not require removing the transmission making the repair only a 20 min repair vs a 5 hour repair.
Whether you are removing your transmission or if you are trying to fix your leaking dipstick/oil fill tube, this ATS product will give you the peace of mind that your transmission has the best components possible. Product Benefits:

Insure a Leak Free Seal
Easy Installation
Sturdy Billet Base
Oil Resistant O-Rings Replace Weak and Thin Teflon Coating Sealing Surface

Vehicle Fitment:

1989-2010 Ford Powerstroke with E4OD, 4R100, 5R110 Transmissions
Replaces Ford P/N: XC3Z-7A160-AA


Weight 2 lbs


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