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Why dispose of your factory filter And factory plastic transmission pan assembly? PPE has engineered an exclusive removable and replaceable oil filter. That means unlike the factory part, theres no need to discard the filter pan assembly every time you service your trucks transmission. This eliminates the high cost of regularly replacing the factory filter. Now simply remove, replace filter and reinstall.
With an increased fluid capacity of more than two quarts, which increases the thermal stamina, your transmission will benefit with lower temperatures and longer service life. All >PPEs Heavy-Duty Transmission Pans are cast from high-strength aluminum for optimal heat dissipation. This pan features internal heat sinks and external cooling fins. These cooling fins, combined with the aluminum construction, promote reduced transmission oil temperatures. Cooler oil lubricates better which helps increase transmission service life and reduce service costs.
The PPE Heavy-Duty Aluminum Transmission Pan also features a high-powered Neodymium magnet equipped drain plug to keep harmful ferrous metal contaminants out of the transmission internals.
Covered by a lifetime warranty.Features:

Heavy-Duty Aluminum Transmission Pan – Ram 1500 Raw (228053000)
Raw Aluminum Finish
More than two quarts increased fluid capacity
Cast-aluminum construction
Increased heat dissipation
Reduced oil temperatures
Stainless steel drain plug
Includes replaceable filter
1/8 NPT temperature probe access port
Lifetime warranty
Sold As A Kit


2013-2018 Ram 1500 ZF 8HP70 Transmission V6, V8 and Eco Diesel


Available in 3 finishes: Raw (228053000) – Brushed (228053010) – Black (228053020)


Weight 9 lbs


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