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T4 Turbo Installation Kit PPE Gt40R Type GM LB7 PPE Diesel


SKU 116005000-HFTD
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The factory turbocharger is pretty good for stock or lightly modified vehicles, but it has limitations that may be restrictive to other modifications done to an engine. However, for those customers who live and breathe diesel power, or plan to upgrade their electronics, fuel delivery, and exhaust systems in a quest for stump-pulling muscle, the next logical step is to add more boost/efficiency. With a PPE turbo installation kit, adding a midsize framed turbo with a T4 mount is simply a bolt-on installation job.
At the heart of this kit, is a sturdy cast PPE T4 Pedestal, which was specifically designed to support the weight of the turbocharger. The T4 Pedestal is made from the same high-sil moly material as our Race High Flow Exhaust Manifolds. Also included, is a 304 stainless steel, mandrel-bent, 3 inch diameter Down-Pipe that will connect the turbo to a stock exhaust system via supplied V-band clamps. The mounting hardware, gaskets and hoses are also supplied.
Thanks to its T4 ready pedestal, this kit will mount any T4 based turbocharger. But for those of you who want it all, PPE offers a kit that comes with a high-quality Garrett GT40R turbocharger.
PPE and Garrett have worked together on many projects. Because of this successful partnership we use Garrett turbochargers as the first choice in our GT40R Series Turbo Kit.Features:

GT40R Series Turbo Installation Kit
Turbo Pedestal for use with aftermarket 40 series turbos
Turbo weight supported by pedestal framework, not by tubing
High-velocity tubular design
Low heat-loss 304 stainless construction
V-Band clamps Included
Sold As A Kit


2001-2004 6.6L Duramax LB7 Kit (116005000)


Replacement gaskets are available separately if needed


Weight 24 lbs


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