Stage 1 Transmission Package 2012-2018 Dodge 68RFE 2WD ATS Diesel


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ATS started R and D in 2007.5 and spent countless man hours and resources re-designing and strengthening the platform. This began with building our Five Star converter for the transmission. It features a billet cover, 5 clutches featuring our patented square tab design billet stator, furnace brazed impeller, billet piston and HD bearings all stalled to the Cummins torque curve.
Capable of handling 2500 ft/lbs of torque, this torque converter will handle whatever is thrown at it. ATS offers various stages to the 68RFE platform to meet certain power levels and uses. The ATS Stage 1 68RFE Package is designed for stock to 550hp trucks.
Without TCM tuning or the H and S Overdrive Software, this transmission can hold 400-450hp at the tires. With the addition of transmission tuning, capability is increased to 500-550hp. For those using the H and S Overdrive Software, any line pressure setting can be run EXCEPT the 250 PSI setting.

ATS Five Star Torque Converter
ATS Built 68RFE transmission
Deep Transmission Pan
Modified pump
Modified valve body


Stage 1 Transmission Package 2012-2018 Dodge 68RFE 2WD
Engine Manufacturer: Cummins
Make: Dodge Diesel
Models: 2500/3500
Fuel Type: Diesel
Drive: 2WD
Transmission Model: 68RFE
Sold As: Kit


Weight 400 lbs


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