Stage 1 LCT1000 6 Speed Package 2010.5+ GM HD Truck 4WD W/ PTO ATS Diesel


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The Allison 1000 has proven itself to be a stout unit behind the formidable Duramax powerplant. However, as power is increased over stock, weak points quickly rise to the surface. ATS addresses the inherent short-comings to offer a robust setup for your modified LML.
By increasing the capability of the torque converter, clutch surface area and line pressure, the transmission can hold 200 percent more torque than stock. The result is a setup strong enough to handle aftermarket fueling, turbo(s), tuning and the intensity of drag racing, sled-pulling or dyno competitions. Yet, it is still smooth enough to tow and daily drive.
As with all ATS Transmission Packages, the transmission is covered by a 5 year/500,000 mile warranty.Features:

Stage 1 LCT1000 6-Speed Package 2010.5 and Up GM HD Truck 4WD with PTO
ATS Five Star billet torque converter, featuring five lock-up clutches, a billet 12 bolt cover, mixed flow stator and custom stall speeds
ATS C1-C5 custom CNC’d steels and proprietary clutch pack material
Modified transmission pump to increase line pressure
ATS Deep Transmission Pan featuring a 5 quart capacity over stock, finned design for heat dissipation and a magnetic drain plug
Engine Manufacturer: Duramax
Make: GM Light Duty
Models: 2500/3500
Fuel Type: Diesel
Transmission Model: Allison LCT1000
transmission’speed: 6 Speed
Warranty: 5 year/500,000 mile warranty
Sold As: Kit


Weight 400 lbs


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