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The all-new RIGID Radiance Pod Scene Light is the perfect solution for those who want Rigid’s legendary quality at a level everyone can attain. The Radiance Pod Scene Light is built with the same high-grade aluminum alloy housing as our D-Series. Utilizing the latest in LED technology and incorporating a thermally optimized heat sink, the Radiance Pod Scene Light provides up to 100 degrees of horizontal spread for maximum coverage.

Scene lighting provides clear, bright light with minimal amp draw. The Radiance Pod Scene Light is feature-packed, with a black exposed printed circuit board, forward projecting optics that optimize the light output and back-lighting available in white, green, amber, blue or red. The RIGID Radiance Pod Scene is for the customer who wants a truly custom look for any area lighting needs.

  • Light Pattern: Scene
  • Mounting Type: Flush Mount
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Backlight Color: Amber
  • Degree Angle: 115 Degrees
  • Color: Black
  • Sold As: Pair


Weight 4 lbs


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