RAM Mirror-Mate Mounting Kit For GT/WatchDog GM Vehicles


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Bully Dog is always working to make the most out of our products. We have partnered with National Products, Inc. to bring you the exclusive RAM Mirror-Mate Mounting Kit. It offers a new option in the mounting location for your GT or WatchDog unit. The Mirror-Mate allows you to install the GT or WatchDog just below the rear view mirror for easy access and viewing and a clean look.

The custom T-Slot adaptor is designed to work specifically with the GT or WatchDog. This mount provides the best looks and ease of use possible with the GT or WatchDog.


  • Easy Installation
  • Works with GM Vehicle Applications
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Convenient Mounting Location
  • Lifetime Warranty (applies only to RAM parts)

All Bully Dog electronics require a cable extension kit when used in conjunction with a Mirror-Mate. Bully Dog extension kit part number 40010 includes all parts and pieces necessary for proper extension.
Lifetime Warranty Statement: This product was manufactured in the USA by National Products Inc. RAM Mount is a registered trademark of National Products Inc.
Note: Cannot be used with OnStar equipped vehicles. For OnStar equipped vehicles you must use part number 31600 or vehicle damage may occur.




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