PPE Triple Disc Inchc Inch Converter GM Allison 1000 And 2000 Series Black PPE Diesel


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Tested in applications producing high-horsepower and torque at the crank, the PPE Triple Clutch Torque Converter is an excellent choice in converter technology.
The heavy-duty billet cover and three lock-up clutches give you unbeatable lock-up performance. The PPE Triple Clutch Torque Converter provides 130 square inches of clutch surface contact area, compared to just 49 in the stock unit (3X stronger).Features:

Triple Clutch Torque Converter – 1900-2200 RPM – GM
Standard Cast Stator
One-piece billet cover
Heat-treated 4140 alloy turbine
Heat-treated 4140 alloy impeller hub
5 year unlimited mileage warranty
Sold Individually


GM 6.6L Duramax Allison 1000|2000 Equipped GM HD Vehicles (128010300)


$200.00 Core charge applies, reimbursed upon return of good core components to PPE. PPE product finish will vary.
If a Non-Race converter is used in applications that would require brake stalling for more than 5 seconds the stator will be damaged and will not be covered under our warranty


Weight 64 lbs


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