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PPE HD Front Differential Cover Dodge Black PPE Diesel


SKU 238041020-HFTD
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Our Dodge/Ram Diff cover is equipped with internal heat sinks and external cooling fins, increasing the pans surface area helping dissipate heat. This makes for a much cooler and denser oil to lubricate with. Cool, dense fluid lubricates better, which will extend differential service life. The internal heat sinks are 7/8 of an inch tall while the external fins measure nearly 1/2 an inch.
To keep the fluid clean, PPE installed its exclusive high-powered Neodymium magnet equipped fill plug will pull harmful ferrous metal particles right out of the oil before they have a chance to attack the bearings and gears.
This cover also features a pre-tapped 1/8 inch NPT port for a temperature probe. The Cover also comes with a billet 304 stainless steel Neodymium magnet equipped fill plug.
Covered by a lifetime warranty.Features:

Front Differential Cover – Black (238041020)
Black Powdercoat Finish
Cast from high-grade aluminum alloy
1/2 inch external cooling fins
7/8 inch internal heat sinks
1/8 inch stainless steel temperature probe plug
Adds additional strength to gear housing
Stainless steel Neodymium-magnet-equipped fill plug
Lifetime warranty
Sold Individually


2003-2014 Dodge/Ram 4X4 2500 Pickups
2003-2012 Dodge/Ram 4X4 3500 Pickups


Weight 9 lbs


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