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60 Piece Tire Repair Kit Blue Molded Case Bulldog Winch


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60pc Emergency Tire Repair Kit. Provides Quick Sealing During Emergencies. Great Kit for Off-Road Use Since 2006, the Bulldog Team has been trying to solve problems or create the next widget but deep down they love what they do. We listen to our customers and end users and they give us the best ideas to improve our products or create a new one.

We have a hard and fast strategy to make sure we have every part for every winch we make. Period!! Nothing worse than purchasing a product and not being able to get parts. You should never have that problem at Bulldog Winch!

  • 1pc Steel T-Handle Insertion Tool
  • 1pc Steel T-Handle Spiral Reamer Tool
  • 1pc Spare Insertion Needle
  • 2pcs L-type Hex Wrench
  • 40pcs 1/4×4 inch (6x100mm) Self-Vulcanization Plugs
  • 4pcs Valve Cores
  • 4pcs Plastic Valve Caps
  • 1pc 4-Way Valve Stem Tool
  • 1pc Plastic Storage Case for Valve Accessories
  • 1pc Tire Pressure Gauge – Pencil Type with Dual Chuck
  • 1pc Long Nose Pliers
  • 1pc Lube – For Easier Tool Insertion
  • 1pc Knife – For Trimming Plugs
  • 1pc Blow Molded Storage Case


Weight 3.80 lbs
Dimensions 12.00 × 9.00 × 3.00 in


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