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47RE Stage 6 Package 1999.5 2002 Dodge 4WD ATS Diesel


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47RE Stage 6 Package, 1999.5 – 2002 Dodge 4WD. The 47RE transmission is the weakest point on a Dodge Cummins truck. Not only do they fail on trucks with minor upgrades, but even trucks in stock form have been known to be too powerful. A heavy duty truck needs parts which can stand up to heavy trailers, stop-and-go commutes to work, or high-horsepower applications.
Thats why ATS modifies the transmission to make it the strongest and most reliable part of your drivetrain. With the many shortcomings of the 47RE, none are more important than the clutch packs. This is what takes the power load and transmits it to the rear wheels. We increase the clutch count in the Overdrive, and Overdrive Brake clutch packs which allow much higher torque capacity in each gear. Clutch material is also essential which is why we use Borg Warner and Raybestos clutches which has both high torque strength as well as longevity and reliability.
Another important aspect is the hard parts on the transmission. The factory sheet metal strut anchor is replaced with a much stronger billet strut anchor, allowing more precision application of the band. Along with the factory plastic accumulator piston is replaced with a billet unit as well. The apply lever is a 1:3.8 ratio apply arm, which applies the borg warner red lining band. This band features a performance friction material capable of holding higher power levels.
The valve body receives extensive modifications as well. We give the valve body the ability to lock the torque converter in 1st and 2nd gear, circulate transmission fluid in park/reverse/neutral, machine the TV valve passage and install our proprietary TV valve sleeve, and increase line pressure. The towing version will deliver smooth, quick, crisp shifts that enhance the drivability and operation of your transmission on the street and attached to a trailer. This is the valve body of choice for a street driven all-purpose truck.
It is a very aggressive valve body and a minimum of billet input shaft and flex plate are recommended.

ATS billet input shaft
ATS billet flex plate
ATS billet intermediate shaft
ATS billet output shaft
Commander lock-up controller
New performance direct clutch pack and steels with 1 added friction
New performance overdrive brake clutch pack and steels with 1 added friction
New performance forward clutch pack and steels
New performance overdrive clutch pack and steels
Low/reverse band replaced with Borg Warner Red Lining performance band
Intermediate/2nd gear band replaced with Borg Warner Red Lining performance band
1:3.8 band apply lever
Billet Band strut
Billet accumulator piston
Precision machined forward pressure plate (machined step)
Precision machined lower forward pressure plate (machined flat)
Precision machined overdrive brake pressure plate (machined flat)
New direct pressure plate
Performance low/reverse one-way clutch
Machined TV valve sleeve (prevents sticking TV valve)
Ability to achieve 1st and 2nd gear lockup
Ability to circulate fluid to the torque converter in park/reverse/neutral
Increase line pressure
Improve shift quality and firmness
Gasket and seal overhaul kit
Bearings and bushing

1999.5-2002 (Build Date On/After 09/99) Dodge Ram 4WD, Stage 6 Auto Trans Package.Includes:

ATS Built 47-RE Auto Trans
ATS 5 Star Viskus Clutch Drive Torque Converter
ATS Extra Deep Transmission Pan
ATS Billet Input Shaft
ATS CoPilot Torque Converter Lock-Up Controller
ATS Billet Flex Plate
ATS Billet Intermediate Shaft
ATS Billet Output Shaft


1999.5-2002 2500/3500 Cummins Dodge Diesel
Stage 6 Package 4WD


Weight 400 lbs


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