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35 Piece Compact Emergency Tire Repair Kit Bulldog Winch


SKU 42080-FMJR
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35 Piece Compact Emergency Tire Repair Kit. Provides Quick Sealing in Emergencies. Great Kit for Off-Road Use. Compact 8x6x2 inch size fits most glove boxes. Great for UTV’s.

  • 1pc Steel T-Handle Insert Tool
  • 1pc Steel Handle Spiral Reamer Tool
  • 1pc L-Type Hex Wrench
  • 20pcs 1/4 inch x 4: (6x100mm) Self Vulcanization Plugs
  • 1pc 4-Way Valve Stem Tool
  • 2pcs Valve Stems
  • 1pc Side Wall Bailing Wire
  • 1pc 12ml Rubber Cement
  • 2pcs Tire Repair Patches
  • 1pc Tire Pressure Gauge – Pencil Type with Dual Chuck
  • 1pc Long Nose Pliers
  • 1pc Knife – For Trimming Plugs
  • 1pc Compact Soft-Sided Zip-up Storage Case


Weight 2.60 lbs
Dimensions 7.90 × 5.80 × 2.10 in


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