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1300 – 1500 RPM Stall Speed Five Star Viskus Clutch Drive Torque Converter Billet Stator J-Trim Negative Impeller Ford 2011 and Up 6.7L Powerstroke 6R140 Transmission ATS Diesel


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The ATS Five Star Torque Converter for the 6R140 transmission features 160 percent more combined clutch surface, 2 times more friction surfaces and 20 percent more piston surface area over stock converters. Increased piston surface area gives you increased clamping force, while the billet cover, piston and retaining ring give you increased reliability.
Furnace brazed impeller vanes, balanced rotating components, with patented square lug design, two piece construction, 12 bolt cover design and a 5 year/500,000 mile warranty, make the ATS 6R140 converter the best torque converter on the market today! Must Use A 6 Or 12 Bolt Design Flex Plate Like The Ats Billet Flex PlateFeatures:

Must Use A 6 Or 12 Bolt Design Flex Plate Like The Ats Billet Flex Plate
2011 and up F-250/F-350/F-450
Powerstroke Ford


Weight 95 lbs


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