The best course of action to keep your pickup truck on the road for the long run? A great start is to follow the recommended service and maintenance schedule from the manufacturer itself. Leaving your vehicle in the hands of our certified specialists is an excellent second step.

Oil Changes

Your truck is more than a purchase - it is an investment – maybe second only to your home. Texas Complete Truck Center changing your vehicle’s oil as recommended is one of the best ways you can protect it. Once you experience our oil change, you’ll see firsthand why thousands of Texans turn to us for routine service.
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Transmission Fluid Flushes

Over time, transmission fluid collects foreign particles that can interfere with these functions -- causing your transmission to generate more friction and heat. Eventually these particles can build up into sludge deposits in your transmission and interfere with shifting and acceleration.
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brakes about to be serviced texas complete

Brake Maintenance

It’s vital that you have regular brake maintenance performed to remain safe on the road. Once you understand the process and what needs to be accomplished, you’ll know when to take your car in for brake service.
Each component of your brake system needs attention.
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bg product differential fluid maintenance service being performed

Differential Maintenance

A car’s differential is a mechanical set of simple planetary gears that allows wheels to spin at independent speeds, and to be independently powered by the engine through the car’s drivetrain.  Therefore, as an important part of your driving experience - it is important to keep it running smoothly.
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bg product coolant maintenance service being performed

Coolant System Maintenance

You should have your car's coolant system and radiator inspected at least every 12 months. It's a good idea to inspect the system every 12,000 miles, especially if you travel a great deal. Antifreeze (coolant) helps to protect your engine from overheating or freezing. However, over time the liquid can degrade.
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Air Conditioner (A/C) Maintenance

A vehicle without air conditioning can be an uncomfortable ride. A properly working A/C keeps you and everyone else in the vehicle comfortable all the way to your destination.  Or in the event of a Texas winter storm during a polar vortex - could potentially save a life.
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