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1979 Super Duty Bronco Meets 2020

Updating an existing vintage frame with a brand new differential that will surpass all of your expectations and more

In a world of customized parts, accessories and performance enhancers as far as the eye can see – there are few true custom options and they usually come with a hefty price tag.  Keith Dunford and the fabrication team here at Texas Complete Truck Center have assembled an axle swap kit for the nostalgic Ford Bronco.

Owner Keith Dunford has diligently been looking for ways to improve on the stock concept.  Mass production may be profitable for large companies – but it is not comfortable for the individual American. 
“The purpose of when you do something like this is that being a vintage Bronco enthusiast, everyone loves the look and feel – but no one loves vulnerabilities of a Dana 44 front axle or under-performance of the braking system.  So how else does one get the nostalgia of the old school with the durability of the new?”
– Keith Dunford
Ford has raised the bar in terms of durability during the past few decades, when it comes to the Super Duty line and has heavily implemented it into their current line of vehicles with superior strength and capability.

“After extensive research, I realized what I was looking for was not readily available – so I made it. I want enthusiasts everywhere to see their projects come to fruition.”

The Ford Motor Company has always been synonymous with quality and durability, yet in the case of the Ford Bronco the brakes were ill-equipped for the weight of the frame as a whole.

Most enthusiasts that enjoy projects of this nature typically want to add larger tires and that exacerbates the problem further, adding weight and size to an already stressed system.

The physics involved in the upgrading of certain parts of vehicles do not usually get taken into account and you run into issues like these – especially when dealing with vintage style vehicles.

The prototype for the TC Off-Road’s Evolution Pro Series Conversion Kit allows for bolt on capabilities of the 2005-2020 Ford Super Duty Series front and rear axle – bringing all the improved technology of today to the vehicle of yesterday.